Well, we’re in. We still have some small crap left at the old apartment, we’ll be there tomorrow to clean up. The move went well- a mechanism on a recliner suffered in the hands of the moving company, but it’s an old recliner and the moving company people were really cool, so we don’t care. Besides, like true moving people, they repaired it with lots of duct tape and it works great. 🙂

It’s early Monday, can’t sleep. I’m off tomorrow (today, whatever) for President’s Day but I have to take QT to work because my car is STILL IN THE FRICKIN’ SHOP. I hit a pothole 9 days ago and the shop says it busted the wheel clean through. So now I need a new wheel, 2 new tires, and an alignment. On Tuesday, when the wheel was supposed to come in, they said it was delayed until Wednesday. On Wednesday, delayed until Thursday… Fast forward to now, and still no wheel. Sheesh.

Anyway… Still busy around here. Hoping to get the entertainment system and the home network functional tomorrow. It won’t be pretty, because I’m not sure where I’m putting my desk yet, but it’ll be functional. The cable guy will be here Tuesday night, so I should be back online Tuesday/ Wednesday. (I’m using Bluetooth DUN from my Treo for now- it’s actually working great, I forgot how well it works in a pinch).

Rambling… ‘Night.

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