So here’s the scoop. We’re moving next weekend. We’ve done about 7% of the packing we need to do, which is par for our course. 🙂

The degree program with UMUC is going okay- I’m taking a Philosphy Course on my way to a BS in Computer Information Technology.

Up until a few nights ago when I fried a mobo, I had two Linux boxes running on the home LAN. Now I’ve got just one, but it’s running great. My plan is to use and learn Linux on the way to achieving my goal, which is to have a separate machine host a IRC channel on #freenode and serve MP3’s to the home LAN and stereo system (I’m thinking I’ll use icecast).

Unfortunately, I haven’t made time for the blog, or for website updates. That’s going to change- I’m going to try my damndest to dedicate 10 minutes a day to freeflow blogging. When I get behind on the blog, it bugs me because I’ll think of little thoughts and tidbits that I want to blog about but I also feel it necessary to provide updates on the last few days, weeks, or months that haven’t blogged. So hopefully the 10-a-day solution will resolve that.

Note to self: You still need to fix the Web Cartel, ya damn slacker.

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