Hmm, this is kind of an all-encompassing weekend update. Let’s see, in the Professional category: I’ve notified my boss that I’m looking around for positions in and outside of the company. It’s just time.

In the Christmas/Hanukkah category: we’re only semi-behind on our shopping. We are, however, very behind on cleaning the apartment for the holiday festivities in a few days.

In the PlanetJK category: the “Web Cartel (May 2007: Dead link removed)” is balanced precariously on a shaky leg, but it’s doing fine. Vice has been kicking my butt in blogging, I need to catch up. Also, I’m trying to resurrect my Family Tree script & database.

In the Entertainment category: we had a decent weekend, not long enough by any means. We went to Metgan’s holiday brunch today, really enjoyed ourselves.

Tangent: when I get the style and layout of the blog in stone, I promise I’m going to put up a “glossary” of sorts that explains weird terms like QT, Metgan, Web Cartel, etc.

Over at ViceSounds, Vice has been blogging about his site updates, his Christmas decoration progress, the ups and downs of shopping online for the holidays, and the recent media coverage of CONUS NSA wiretaps.
(how’s that for a Trackback-generating blog post??)

About the wiretaps, I’ll say this much for now: what, like we REALLY thought they weren’t listening before?

And finally, 5 points to Vice for using “mutatis mutandis” in a blog entry. And then, when I looked it up, I find that it’s an X-men reference? Mad props on the geeky reference, Vice. You know you want a lightsaber for Christmas…

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