… and BOY are my voting arms tired!

Vice is talking about the proposed new federal law that ensures honest elections (May 2007: dead link to Yahoo news article removed).

Voting is something we start doing in elementary school. “Who wants to play kickball? Raise your hands!” Then someone counts and then usually someone else counts to verify accuracy – or just to know – but that doesn’t matter. Hands are tallied and a fair and accurate vote happens. Simple, huh?

He’s right- it’s ridiculous that we’re seeing this kind of law considered. Think of all the work it takes to even get the law where it is today. How many policitians did it take to brainstorm the apparently new and groundbreaking idea of honest elections? (Probably a lot fewer politicians than it takes to screw their secretaries in luxurious lightbulbs)

Vice’s kickball reference reminded me of another peeve. You know they can’t ask questions like that in school anymore. Nowadays they ask, “Who wants to play a rousing game of Everybody’s-Wonderful-And-No-One-Ever-Loses? Raise your indigenous phalanges, unless you choose not to, which is OKAY!”

Has anyone considered the irony of voting on a law that proposes honest elections? Really? Please? Somebody? Hello? Is this democracy on?

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