w00t! All the layout work I’ve done this week has gone pretty smoothly. I only have a few more pages to update. The best part is that the more I use the new layout the more I continue to like it.

I also did a bunch of work on the footer last night. You can see it towards the bottom of the “new layout” (May 2007: Dead link removed).

I retabulated the Progess Meter and was certain that I’d be able to jump a solid 10%. Unfortunately, skew as I might, I couldn’t justify a full 10% increase. So I changed the Meter to reflect the full 64.5%. 🙂 Hey, that extra 4.5% is true progress, baby.

PS- Everybody knows that Scott Adams, the guy that writes Dilbert, is hilarious. But did you know he’s also a talented and funny blogger? The Dilbert Blog. With daily entries and self-deprecating wit, it’s highly recommended.

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