San Antonio was pretty cool. I walked along the Riverwalk last night looking for a pub I noticed the other day called Durty Nelly’s. Naturally, I got lost (even with directions- that’s how cool I am) and stumbled on the Alamo. Hahaha… The funny thing is that it’s not the first time I’ve “stumbled upon” a National monument while looking for a pub, and I certainly hope it won’t be my last.

To my parents and grandparents that are reading this and asking themselves how much allowance to dock me (“Noooo! That’s my 50 cents!!”), don’t worry– I didn’t say I was stumbling from the pub.

There was a hilarious guy playing keyboard at Durty Nelly’s. He played drinking songs and pop favorites- some chicks paid him to play some Prince, and he tore it up, from the high-pitched chirps to the self-licking. Good times… I even ran into a couple fellow ex-pats, one a former Air Force SERE guy who’s now doing real estate, and another a former Marine who’s a Deputy Sheriff in GA now. One of the speakers the other day mentioned that San Antonio has the largest retired military population in the US- quite the accomplishment.

The flight boards soon…

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