I’m in San Antonio, TX for Halloween. Oh Boy. I’m covering a conference for my company- I’ve been here since Wednesday, and I don’t leave until this Thursday. Before I left, someone at work jokingly said that they thought newlyweds weren’t allowed to be apart for the first 6 months of marriage. It’s becoming less and less a joke- being apart after so many wondrous milestones in a row is pretty tough. But we get to talk often, and I only have three days left here, so I think I’ll live. 🙂

San Antonio’s pretty cool- the riverwalk is amazing. In true geek style, I’d like to catch a tour that explains how they maintain water level and flow. Hmm- I just realized I haven’t looked it up online. I bet I can find out pretty quick. That’s a first- I’m usually the first to hop online, especially for trivial crap.

Well, Steers & Beers is just about to bring back the check, so I’ll sign off. Happy Halloween… Ya’ll…
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