I’ve been trying to install Asterisk@Home for about 3 days now: 1 laptop, 1 PC, and about 12 install attempts later, I gots nothing. I’ve tried using two versions of AAH: v1.5, the stable release, and v2.0, a beta release. Neither version works on the laptop, apparently due to the external PCMCIA CD-ROM.

So I pulled out QT’s old PC. v1.5 locks up right at the beginning of the install, but v2.0 installs ok. The configuration was more overwhelming than I anticipated, but I am brand new to Linux, so that’s most of the problem. On top of that the VOIP provider I signed up with, BroadVoice, only lists about 40% of the configurations I need. Other people have listed their own personal Broadvoice configs, but I noticed that they all have fundamental differences, which doesn’t lend much confidence. I can get 2.0 on the desktop to handle calls to myself on my own LAN, but I can’t send or receive external calls. I’d rather get 1.5 working (as its the stable release versus the beta release) and I need it working on the laptop. The laptop is ideal because of it’s tiny space impact. I’m certain that a hard drive installation will, but the hard drive install instructions assume that the installer has moderate Linux experience, so I think that’s the disconnect.

Oh, did I mention I’m off for Columbus Day? That explains all the extra time. I suppose I should be exploring new areas and enslaving some natives in honor of Ole’ Chris, but I’ll have to settle for exploring new Linux installation methods.
— Posted with a Treo 650

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