Tonight we’re posting photos from Days Seven [yesterday] and Eight [today], both in Maui. I just posted the photos from Day Seven- you’ll find them on Pages 5-8 of the Honeymoon photo album. (May 2007: Removed dead link)

Yesterday our only planned activity was the Luau in the evening, so we hopped a cab to Paia in the morning and had a blast. Paia’s pretty small but had a lot of quaint shops and some beautiful beach. All of the daytime beach photos were taken on Paia beach. We went back to boat in the afternoon, swam and hung out in the jacuzzi, then got ready for the Luau. The Luau was pretty cool but not quite what we expected- on the flip side, I heard they had 700 people from the boat at the Luau, which is a tough event to organize, no matter the theme.

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