Late night blogging… nothing like it. QT and I went out with our friend Metgan tonight and caught a show by Splintered Image, a local cover band. They rocked the place, everyone had a blast. They covered everything from Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis to Metallica’s Seek and Destroy. I’m looking forward to catching them at another (preferably larger) venue.

(Metgan and QT)

One thought on “It's 3:40AM. Do you know where your HTTP is?”

  1. Hello there, thanks for the entry on our guestbook. I am the drummer for Splintered Image. I don’t recall meeting you, but then again, I didn’t really get to meet anyone new last night. I appreciate the comments and we all hope to see you at our future shows. I’m not sure where you’re from, but if you want a bigger venue, this weekend’s gig is quite larger. It’s at The Decoy Lounge in Clinton, MD. Of course, check out the website for more details. Once again, thanks!


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