So my Inner Geek isn’t happy today. As I flip through Engadget and the new issue of Make Magazine (both highly recommended), I feel like everyone else is working on the cool stuff. So, changes are in order. I’m publishing my list of demands (of myself) in the hopes that I’ll get more accomplished.

The first step is to finish up that web cartel script I’ve been talking about. It’s functional but needs a lot of work in the visual department.

Not only is my Inner Geek not happy, my Outer Shell isn’t too happy either. Or rather, I’m not happy about the weight I’ve gained and my lack of exercise. So, once I get the web cartel running and populated I’ll seriously consider posting my diet and exercise status here on JK’s Journal.

The next step toward Inner Geek nirvana would be to continue my work on PlanetJK and the other website I’m building for a friend (Heretofore referred to as the BAA Project).

After that I want to figure out how to best utilize the Toshiba Portege 3480CT I acquired a few months ago. I know I want to run some form of Linux/ Unix on it, but I now understand that I need to conceptualize an actual purpose (network monitor? wireless audio streamer?).

Somewhere in there I want to take on a few Make hardware and software projects. I generally steer clear of hardware hacking but it’s about time I get down and dirty. Maybe a GhettoTenna to start out with.

So, there it is, that’s my Inner Geek nirvana roadmap. I’ll keep you updated on any milestones, speed bumps, or road blocks.

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