Peter, the Senior Editor at Engadget, commented on my earlier posts pretty quickly. And he scrubbed a couple facts for me (maybe the drive home in the rain made me grumpy). So, in response:

1. It was still packed and sweaty. But my numbers were off by, oh, say 300%, so I should probably shut up about the seating.

2. But dude, you literally said -when giving away a 64mb USB flash drive- “I have a whole barrel of these at home!” But again I concede, I hadn’t thought of companies not necessarily wanting to sponsor gifts for random geek meetups (although it’s a damn good idea).

3. I paid $4 for a Pale Ale. And everyone I talked to said, “where’s the cheap beer?” But, again, I concede- I totally neglected to mention the 50 free drink tickets that were paid for out of pocket.

Lesson learned: don’t blog when grumpy. Or, better yet, don’t blog when grumpy lest the truth be revealed and thrown back at you. 🙂

Frankly, I’m just stoked that I’ve had 3 whole comments posted to the blog in the last 3 days. That skyrockets my total comment count to… well… 3. Time to par-tay.

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