About a week ago I sent in the following application for an open editorial position at lifehacker.com:

Apologies for the late submission, those Bloglines problems slowed me down. 🙂 My name is JK and I’m tossing my hat in the ring for your open editorial position.

Normally I wouldn’t have thought I’d qualify for a full-time blogging position, but each one of your job criteria has my name all over it. By day I’m a server admin (mostly Windows), contracted for Executive Support. I manage a small team of geeks, tackling anything our customers need and getting as many people hooked on Bloglines and Kinja as possible (shameless plug). By night I continue to be a Bloglines addict while maintaining a few websites and a blog. Cape and mask not included. I started out with C++ years ago but it reminded me too much of burnt toast; I’m versed in XHTML, CSS, PHP as well as a little SQL and XML. I’m scarily intimate with MovableType and have installed, configured, and used WordPress, Mambo, and Drupal.

My blog, JK’s Journal [http://www.planetjk.com/journal/], started as a personal journal for friends, family, and the occasional stray visitor. It didn’t take me long to realize that I could quit pestering family and friends with my obsession for gadgets and start pestering the world. I’m now in the process of combining the Censura rating engine [http://www.censura.info/] into my blog- the intent is to have fellow geeks that I trust submit reviews for just about everything. Unfortunately, building up the backend has caused my blog postings to suffer a bit but it’s something that can change- I’d gladly meet whatever deadlines Lifehacker throws at me. You mentioned that someone in NY was preferred; I’m in DC but have family in NY which I visit every month or two. And I would gladly make a trip up for a face-to-face when needed.

Here are some notable links:
* My site: http://www.PlanetJK.com
* My Blog: http://www.PlanetJK.com/Journal
* Geek post 1: http://www.planetjk.com/journal/arch/2005/06/free_at_fridays.php
* Geek post 2: http://www.planetjk.com/journal/arch/2002/07/is_thursday_the.php
* Geek post 3: http://www.planetjk.com/journal/arch/2005/02/did_ya_see_that.php

I’ve think I’ve surpassed the logical length of readability, so I’ll fire this off.

Hoping to hear from you guys,

It’s probably obvious to all of you, but I didn’t hear back from them. It’s their loss- I think I’d be a decent fit for it, one of my strengths being the fact that I’m not already a blogmonkey for umpteen other dotcoms. And not to sound too much like spoiled milk in my pissed-on wheaties, but there have been a handful of lifehacker posts that were incorrect from a technical perspective, and exactly 2.43 handfuls of posts that were incredibly short-sighted. Strange characteristics for a blog targeted at geek self-improvement. But I guess that’s like a Halo 2 tournament champion telling an Army Ranger he needs to improve his combat skills, now isn’t it?

Maybe I need to go all Mohney on them; lifehackerist, maybe?

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