One thing that’s always been difficult for me to explain to “wireless newbies” is why a person can’t access the web on a laptop during a roadtrip. Lots of people think “wireless” and just figure that the internet is floating around everywhere, waiting for us to connect. Technically speaking, I know the answer, but it’s always raised the question in my head: Why Not?

Technology is pulling us closer. Cingular’s new EVDO network is working well (I hear), and a lot of other carriers are planning similar solutions. It will be interesting to see where the convergence points are. Right now, for the most access coverage, I carry a Tablet PC with WiFi and Bluetooth, Smartphone PDA, an RJ-11 and RJ-45 cable, and separate WiFi and Dial-up accounts. If wireless access becomes truly ubiquitous, will handhelds and PDA’s suffer? Tough call, although I hope we start seeing a decrease in the “shrink-everything” school of thought that is currently overtaking the industry. I understand the benefit of miniaturizing internal hardware, but do we really need a 1″x1″ 9-megapixel camera that plays mp3’s and doubles as a dog whistle?

By the way, I’m blogging on the Tablet from I-495 near Annandale at while QT cruises along at 60mph. I’m lovin’ this Treo 650 Bluetooth DUN.

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