It’s about time for a general update. I’ve been crazy busy, especially between work, wedding planning, and spending time with family.

I notified my boss today that I’m going to start looking around in the company for other positions; I’m excited, I always enjoy new experiences.

The wedding planning is going pretty well. I was talking about the wedding the other day with a new coworker and the question, “Oh, is this your first time getting married?” rolled off his tongue so naturally, it kinda freaked me out. We’re starting to work out more of the details for our second reception in Colorado for the family that can’t make it out to the Right Coast.

PlanetJK hasn’t been making any progress- I suck. I know what I need to do:

  1. Skin the blog and convert it to the new layout. (May 2007: Removed dead link to old layout)
  2. Blog more… I shot an e-mail to Vice tonight to see if we can setup some kind informal blog network (aka blogring) in the hopes of generating a little more web traffic and getting off our arses to write posts. πŸ™‚ Frankly, I think his Mum should get a blog- she’s a riot, always posting appropriately matriarchal comments to his blog and photo albums. I’ll cast the first vote and say her blog should be called “Are You Wearing Clean Underwear?” hehehe vice is gonna kill me…
  3. Fix the hit counter… the damn thing keeps resetting itself. I finally found out why: I have it configured wrong. πŸ™‚

I’m also trying to sign myself up as the webmaster over at She’s related to a coworker and her music’s great, I think it would be a cool web project.

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