Wooooot! I’m writing you from a TGI Friday’s in Northern VA on the HP TC4200 Tablet PC. This post isn’t about the Tablet, though, it’s about my method of internet connection.

Just the other week PalmOne released a ROM upgrade for the Treo 650 that (finally) lets you use Bluetooth Dial-up Networking. So I went to CompUSA today and picked up the Linksys USBBT100 Bluetooth USB adapter (because the TC4200 doesn’t have internal Bluetooth). The install was a bit funky, but anything involving Bluetooth and a PC gets funky- I saw a lot of weird dialog boxes and had to do a few known tweaks to get it to work.

Short story long, I’m now wirelessly connected from the Tablet to the Internet through my Treo 650 via Bluetooth. Bandwidth speed tests report anywhere from 100k to 300k/sec. Hell yea!

Now I can have internet access anywhere I get cell phone access (although I’d still kill for some EVDO).

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