You’ll never convince me that offshoring is a good thing. I had a problem with Microsoft’s Tech Support in September of last year (see Geeked Out) and another issue with Dell Tech support today. I was chatting with Dell to price a computer and router installation for a friend. Here’s how it went down…

Welcome to Dell Chat. Please wait for an available agent. You will be notified when your chat is accepted by an agent.
The session has been accepted.

{Niel 11:14:40 AM} Thank you for contacting Dell Consumer Customer Care Chat. My name is Naveen, but you may call me Niel. How may I help you today?

{J K 11:15:04 AM} I’d like to know what Dell would charge to install my new Dell Computer and a wireless router
{Niel 11:15:40 AM} I understand that you would like to know the charge for installing your computer and a wireless router, correct?
{J K 11:15:46 AM} Correct
{Niel 11:15:57 AM} Sure let me check, please give me 2 minutes.
{J K 11:16:03 AM} No problem
{Niel 11:16:47 AM} I suggest you speak with our warranty department as they would be the best people to assist you with this. You can call them at 1 800-247-4618 extension 66250 between 7am and 9pm CST M-F and 9Am to 7PM CST on Saturday and Sunday.
{J K 11:17:24 AM} So you can’t give me a price?
{Niel 11:17:52 AM} I’m sorry,I do not have any information on the prices.
{J K 11:18:13 AM} The phone number you gave me says it only accepts 7-digit extensions
{J K 11:18:25 AM} Extension 66250 is invalid

{Niel 11:18:34 AM} You can try 7266250
{Niel 11:18:39 AM} Is there anything else that I can help you with?

{J K 11:19:04 AM} That doesn’t work either
{Niel 11:19:38 AM} Just try the phone number, do not enter the extension.
{Niel 11:19:53 AM} Sometimes, the extension does not go through

{J K 11:19:59 AM} Trying…
{J K 11:20:10 AM} It beeped and hung up on me

{Niel 11:21:37 AM} Well, I do not have a different telephone number, That is the only number for warranty. I’m sure you should be able to talk to someone.
{J K 11:22:14 AM} It’s tough to talk to anyone when the number hangs up on me
{Niel 11:24:09 AM} Well, what other information would like from me?
{J K 11:25:04 AM} Perhaps a working phone number wouldn’t be too much to ask?
{Niel 11:26:05 AM} I wish I could set up a new toll free number for you. Unfortunately this is all I can do for you. You will have to keep trying
{Niel 11:26:56 AM} When you finish the chat session, please use the End chat on the bottom left corner of the screen to close the session.
{J K 11:27:12 AM} Wow. Thanks for not helping at all. Have a nice day.

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