QT and I have the day off tomorrow- we’re moving to another apartment. We would have loved to stay at our new place, but the new rent is through the roof; besides, the new place is beautiful, more of a suburbian apartment than a city apartment. We’re on the first floor, nice little patio, plenty of trees, OPEN PARKING… 🙂

Wedding plans are going great- we have the location and band picked out, and QT found a dress and bridesmaids dresses. Things are crazy right now- ’tis the season- but we’re making great progress. And it sounds like my family in Colorado is really excited about having a second reception there- my stepmom, grandma, and cousins are planning quite the brouhaha. I can’t wait. 🙂

Hope this finds everyone well… and I hope this post works from my new Treo 650 smartphone.

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