I’ve been horribly lax in a few PlanetJK-related things lately; primarily, Journal entries and Photo Album updates. My apologies to all. I’ll get caught up on the photo album updates soon, but I couldn’t help but post the good news: Friday night I proposed to QT and (lucky for me) she accepted. It’s tough to exude sheer joy through a keyboard, so I’ll spare everyone from all the exclamation marks I’d like to type. 🙂

The whole thing actually went better than I had imagined. I was worried that all the creativity and planning that went into the proposal would backfire on me and ruin the surprise and the moment; but somehow everything went PERFECTLY and I swept her off her cute little feet. And I did it with style, too. *grin*

The best part is that, remembering my thoughts in the weeks and hours before popping the question, I was never scared by some mystical “Snowball of Reality.” Spending the rest of my life with QT makes so much sense to me, it’s the best warm and fuzzy a person could ever have.

To QT: Thanks for being my baby, Baby. I’ll always Love You.

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