I think we’re just about packed for our big trip to Colorado. Naturally , we should have been in bed a couple hours ago. But what fun is packing if you don’t wait until the last minute? I can’t say that, actually- if we were to wait until the last minute we’d pack tomorrow on our lunch break. =)

We’re headed to Colorado to spend some time on the Western Slope visiting my Dad, then a looong trip down to the southeastern corner of the state for my cousin Jerry’s wedding. We’re looking forward to the trip- I think I burned about 700 MP3’s to CD, so I think we’re set on music. =)

I’m going to try to post some more photos tonight- if so, you’ll see a short update. Oh, and I used my anti-spam program (Lyris’ MailShield Desktop) to plot out the spam slaughtering that’s been going on in my Inbox.

May 2007: Removed dead link to Lyris Mailshield and updated link to spam graph

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