Summertime spoiled me rotten. I left the apartment building this morning and got the chills on the way to my car. Then I had to turn on the heater in the car for a few minutes- what a shame. Not only did I forget to take advantage of the Pool (aka Ool) more often but I definitely didn’t see enough outdoorsy stuff this summer. In Virginia that kind of laziness takes hard work- or lots of practice. I’m probably more guilty of the latter.

Is Piers Anthony still around? For some reason I’ve had his sarcastic, witty stories on my mind from time to time. I should pick up one of his Xanth novels again- maybe I’m worried it won’t have its original appeal. A quick search suggests that he’s alive, well, and publishing. Any other PA fans out there?

Been putting a lot of hours lately. A lot of hours. But I’m taking about 8 days off in October for my cousin’s wedding, so I’m pretty much just counting on that to pull me through the next few weeks. We had a new guy start on the Team last week. Hopefully by now we’ve streamlined the FNG process a bit; things should go smoother for him than they did for previous n00bs.

It’s late… I stayed up doing research and paperwork for a project and now I’m just up burning some quality veg time. I need to crash though; ‘night.

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