The perfect Lazy Sunday is truly an art form, and today QT and I painted a masterpiece of a Lazy Sunday. For starters, we didn’t get up too late, which is a challenge on the weekends, especially for me. We headed out shortly after Noon, grabbed a light lunch, and used the iQue 3600 portable GPS (more on that in a minute) to find a nearby park. We played some frisbee, walked around, then went to two more parks for more frisbee and fresh air. QT’s doing chores and I’m going to make chicken and potatoes au gratin for supper while we watch a movie. 🙂 Talk about a perfect Sunday… Thanks QT. 🙂

About the iQue 3600: I brought it home from work this weekend to get familiar with it. I’m supposed to teach another Team how to use it in a few days, so it’s been something of a crash course (no pun intended). So far it’s been a huge boon for local/residential driving: it’s incredibly accurate and lists local landmarks in case you hate trying to translate “.37 miles” into English. Highway driving has proven more difficult for the iQue, though; when it calculates the fastest or shortest route, then by God you’d better take it- it doesn’t allow for much leeway with alternate routes. If you’re the type of person who plots out more than one route for your daily commute, for example, don’t expect the iQue to play along. It can take up to 10 minutes to try to program in alternate routes, and by that time you’ve lost the advantage of taking the alternate route in the first place. Not to mention the fact that, to plot an alternate route, you have to not only know where you’re going, but how to get there.

All in all, it’s a useful product, though I have to warn that it’s for technophiles only. I wouldn’t recommend this as an entry level PDA unless you’re a professional driver and seriously dedicated to learning the iQue as you go along.

PS- This journal entry has really made me pine for my Review System. Matter of fact it’s reminded me of just how much work I still need to do on PlanetJK. Hopefully I’ll get off my keester these next few weeks and get something done on the site.

May 2007: Updated iQue3600 link and Review System link

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