For some strange reason, most of my news tonight leans towards the Geek end of the spectrum. Some would suggest it’s because I’m a nerd personified, but they’d be… well… right.

I downloaded and installed XP SP2 tonight. I did a fair amount of research and was kind of leery- then when MS released a list of 50 programs that “seemed to stop working” when SP2 was installed, I felt pretty justified. “Seemed to stop working??…” We’re talking about the world’s largest vendor of personal computer software, and that’s the technical term they apply to the problem?

Moving on… So I was leery, but then a colleague mentioned that they had checked out SP2 and liked some of the new security features. A little extra research revealed that a lot of the software that “seemed to stop working” had been previously (and unofficially) labeled as sketchy by the IT community. On top of that, a lot of high-$$$ vendor websites are “broken” after installing SP2; for example, with SP2 loaded you can no longer install Yahoo! Messenger through an online browser session because it utilizes too many insecure ActiveX protocols. So I told myself, “Self, it seems like Microsoft is biting the hands that feed it here; maybe they’ve got something after all. Even if not, why not join the fray?” SP2 took about an hour to download and install- not much hassle at all, had to reset my ZoneAlarm settings but that’s about it. The only problem I’ve encountered with the new “Windows Security Center” is a clash between ‘Norton Anti-Virus’ and ‘ZoneAlarm with Anti-Virus.’ Nothing’s wrong functionally, but Windows Security Center detects ‘ZoneAlarm with Anti-Virus’ as my only anti-virus software; it doesn’t see my ‘Norton Anti-Virus’ at all. And, as I have the anti-virus portion of ‘ZoneAlarm with Anti-Virus’ turned off, I get all kinds of crazy popups telling me that I don’t have anti-virus software, when really the only problem is that Windows Security Center isn’t intelligent enough to look past my ZoneAlarm and see my Norton. Right… that almost makes sense.

On a slightly skewed tangent, something’s up with Slashdot. Here’s some background on Slashdot for the Geekily Challenged. Normally, the massive community supporting Slashdot creates a Slashdot effect for “targeted” websites, but tonight my browser returned a 503 error when I tried to surf Slashdot. To top it off, it looks like it’s been going on for some time. Kind of ironic…

Last week at work a colleague got ticked at the cafeteria prices (justifiably so) and proceeded to talk everyone on the Team into donating money for a mini-fridge and junk food stash of our very own. Gee, cheap snacks and drinks? 3 feet away in cool stainless steel mini-fridge? Yeah, that was a tough sell. There goes my girlish figure.

As a final note, to ensure I get all the geek jokes possible at work tomorrow, I’m going to add the aforementioned coworker’s e-mail address to the Notification List. Poor guy. heh heh #>8′}

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