Things have been busy at the office lately. It’s a different kind of busy, though: there’s less hair-pulling stress and more actual work, which is definitely a good thing. [Less Stress] + [Increased Job Justification] is always a good thing.

In other notes, I’m in a couple awkward spots with family. Someone very close is having some troubles and needs emotional (and perhaps financial) support; the problem is that this person has a history of taking that support for granted. I’m already helping somewhat, but I’m hesitant to dive in head-frist because I know how it always ends up. I’m also supposed to be Best Dude for my cousin’s wedding; but for awhile they weren’t sure if the wedding was going to work out the way they wanted, so I (inadvertently) assumed pessimisticly. Now I have to decide if my wallet and schedule can handle the pseudo-last-minute planning.

Oh well… it’s the weekend…

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