Things at work are really leveling out, it’s awesome. Granted, the two Top Dogs at our agency are on vacation, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it, but I’m still grateful for the time to sit back and analyze and improve things at work. The Team’s been getting along a bit better, albeit superficially.

In Gadget News, I finally picked up some more rechargable batteries for my digital camera. So expect to see some more photos in the Photo Album. Actually, now that I think about it, there aren’t ANY photos in the PlanetJK Photo Album, they’re all still on the vice.PlanetJK server. I’ll try to rectify that this weekend. Also, the lid on my Treo 300 snapped last week and Sprint has finally replaced it. I was hoping to upgrade to the snazzy new Treo 600, but I simply can’t fork over those kind of clams for an “upgrade” right now. I’m keeping my toes crossed, though. Maybe Santa will be good to me in… umm… August… ??

I think things are going to work out so that I can make it home to my cousin’s wedding in October. I’m the Best Dude, I guess I’d better be there. I haven’t thrown too many Bachelor parties, but I heard somewhere that [chickens] + [chocolate sprinkles] + [crisco] = [great bachelor party], so we’ll see. And no, I won’t take pictures; the chickens don’t like the flash.

May 2007: Updated Treo 300 & Treo 600 links

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