Things are going well with the rebuild- I’ve been working on it every night consistently. You’ll notice the Progress Meter on the main page- that was a quick project to visually display how things are coming along. I’ve also been working on the overall CSS layout- if you’re using a resolution higher than 800×600, you’ll notice that the whole page has ‘whitepace’ on the left and right sides. I’m trying to aim for a default viewer resolution of 800×600, and by limiting all my content to a width of 790 pixels it should help to prevent any drastic shifting of items in the browser when viewed in higher resolutions.

I think one of the biggest yet most important challenges will be sticking to my “content first, formatting later” strategy. In theory the strategy is sound- put all the data in place so you can know what exactly what it is you’re formatting. But in reality it’s a pain having to look at such raw data, knowing that it’s visible to the public (granted, my ‘viewing public’ is only a family member or two and the poor stragglers that follow links from message boards).

PS- Did I mention that the rebuild includes such cool things as Blog Comments? I’ve allowed this feature on this version of PlanetJK- try it out and let me know what you think.

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