Oi… Not much going on, I thought it was about time for a non-website-related blog post. Haven’t been up to much besides Work and Winding Down From Work. QT’s in NY hanging out with her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, so I’m baching it for a couple days. That means pizza boxes and dirty laundry strewn about the apartment, yay. =)

On the way home today told me that the economy’s not only stabilized but improving. The Jolly Greenspan Giant raised interest rates a quarter-point and said he’ll probably do it again soon. Will this be Bush’s saving grace? I’m not so sure he needs one- Kerry’s ahead in the polls for now but Bush and his entourage don’t seem worried. I think if Bush can bring down gas prices and improve the economy to the point where my fellow working class citizens actually NOTICE the difference, he’ll be locked in for another term.

I don’t know what to think of Kerry. Like the rest of his colleagues, on his best day he’s a politician. That starts him off in the negative in my book. Bush seriously needs to be enrolled in Hooked on Phonics and Foreign Diplomacy 101. So who does that leave us with? The answer is obvious:

“Why am I running? For the same historic reason that motivated other top-quality U.S. presidential timbers such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill: All the other candidates are goobers.” —

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