What does one blog about anyway? I read an article today that suggested one should come up with a strategical outline on what to blog, then stick to it religiously. After microseconds of serious contemplation, my official response to that is: “Pfffffft.” [insert raspberry sound here]

I don’t have a strategical plan for blogging, and I intend to keep it that way. Take this entry for example, it’s spontaneous and… umm… nerdy:

I’m watching … Great show, mostly. was excellent, and both show and movie do an excellent job of connecting history as we know it with the mysteries of science fiction and other worlds. Tonight on the show they encounter a race of… well… Aboriginal Mimes. No, really: these people are nude mutes covered in striped body paint and living in adobe huts. Who knows, maybe they’ll inspire II.

What’s that you’re mumbling? I’m a nerd who not only watches the but blogs about it, too? That’s why it’s my blog- or shut your yap. =)