While Project Vice might seem to be coming along at a snail’s pace, I promise it’s a damn fast snail. Hell, I’m thinking of naming the snail .

I mentioned in the last post that I would focus on the menu structure. I’ve finally got the format layed out in my mind, and I picked up some from which I’ll be modifying the next few days.

I also discovered last week that the review script I intend to purchase allows only one person to add products for review, which is in sharp contrast of my original vision for the review system. All along I’ve intended to have friends and colleagues signed up to add products in categories they specialize in. So, I’m working on modifying the review script. Well, not strictly modifying it, simply adding some features I feel it needs. *shrug* Hey, it’s what I do best. Send me The Meaning of Life in a box, and I’d probably put it in a much cooler and gadgetized box, then scratch my head about what to do next.

[Update- Jan 12, 2007]: “Project Vice” link removed.