For the past few five days, website redesign (more info here) has led me astray. PHP and CSS are new worlds to me, and I’ve been testing out script after script, just for the hell of it. Like all new things, the shininess is starting to wear off. Or perhaps installing and configuring 80+ scripts (no joke) has caused some serious burnout. Either way, it’s time to get down to business.

The issue at hand: my menu. For at least a year now, maybe two, I’ve used WYSIWYG software to design cool expanding menus. But while they claim to be cross-browser-supported I’ve always suspected they weren’t, meaning some folks can’t see my menu. And, with the current design, if you don’t see the menu, you don’t see anything but the front page. In the past few months this issue has really come to light as I’ve tried to browse via my Treo smartphone- no menu, no links, no nuttin, honey.

For awhile I told myself I would come up with a WAP version of my entire website. And, as cool as this undertaking sounds to a geek like me, I think I have enough on my plate at the moment. Alas, the other option is to hardcode the whole menu myself. Ugh… But tonight I’ve decided hardcoding is the only way to go. So my next few hours days weeks will be devoted to designing graphics, includes, menus, and submenus for any and all PlanetJK content. If you can’t detect the pure enthusiasm in my typing, I suggest you install a sarcasm filter and try again.