My Dad and Stepmom are in Denver for an extended weekend while my Dad participates in Phase III of the Challenge Competition, which is a test of written, verbal, and physical acumen in the field of Transportation Safety. My Dad works for a Port of Entry on the Western Slope of Colorado, inspecting semis and other freight vehicles. He’s also a part of their Mobile Team which hauls their equipment around to remote locations and performs random, on-the-spot inspections.

Each Port of Entry in the state nominates a certain number of employees each year. Needless to say, it takes quite a bit of skill and hard work to qualify for Phase I. This year my Dad scored highest in the state of Colorado on his Phase I written test. =) This weekend he’s being tested on actual vehicle inspections and his knowledge of the many many state and federal regulations related to Transportation Safety.

I called Dad last night to wish him luck and let him know I’m rooting for him. As I told him things like, “I’m really proud of you” and “It’s quite an accomplishment just to get where you are,” it occurred to me that I’d heard those things before: from him. Thanks for always being there for me, Dad, now it’s my turn: Knock ’em dead this weekend, and know that I’m always rooting for you.