Well, once again I’m considering a complete re-design for PlanetJK. Frankly I’m surprised the current design has lasted as long as it has =).

Here’s what’s currently on my mind…
Color Scheme: White background, probably with light graphics. Shades of blue for structural elements, red hyperlinks, possibly some orange for special highlights.

Graphics: I’ll probably stick with the planetary-type theme, with more graphics for special items.

One of the biggest additions will be a Reviews section, which will (in theory) be very similar to Amazon.com. To provide maximum content, I’ll need people to help out and review things- as of right now, I’m thinking EVERYTHING should be reviewed. But who knows… If you think you would like to help out and be a dedicated reviewer, .

To redesign the site correctly, I’ll need to shut it down while I upgrade- this will probably take a week or two. Give me a few months to scrape the rest of my thoughts together- I’ll keep everyone posted.