Entries were a little scarce today, I was too busy taking in all the sights to poke out a blog entry on my tiny Treo keyboard. Instead I’ll summarize the day’s events using the hotel’s high-speed TV/Internet service, which lets you access the internet via a wireless keyboard and a TV. It’s not a bad system; the web browser evidently only supports a few protocols, Java not being one of them. I had to go through quite a few hoops to submit my timecard for the week.

QT and I caught a Hop-on/ Hop-off doubledecker tour bus just after lunch today. Despite some cloud cover and a few sprinkles, we had a great time cruising around downtown New York City. After a few hours on the tour bus we met up with some native NYC friends who graciously offered to be personal tour guides. The weather was gorgeous and Times Square was amazing just in the daytime. Later, relaxing in the revolving lounge at the Marriott, the glow from the massive electronic billboards illuminated Times Square, even from the 48th floor of the Marriott. Piccadilly Circus, which I always enjoyed in London, doesn’t come close to the technological firepower in Times Square.