“There’s only one thing better than having a linebacker in your office, and that’s having two linebackers in your office.”

I stumbled across Reebok’s Office Linebacker comedy sketches yesterday and I was literally rolling on the floor minutes later. This has got to be some of the funniest stuff I’ve seen in a LONG time.

I’ll list the link in a moment, but first I’ll point out that their website is a tad confusing. The first movie in the series is on the “Watch Terry Work” page, entitled “Terry’s World.” There’s three other short films scattered between the “Watch Terry Work” page and the “Home” page.

Notes/Tips: 1)To watch these videos you have to create a reebok.com account. The only real information they ask for is your Name and E-mail address, but this DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REAL INFO. Using bob@bob.com as an e-mail address will work just fine to register your account.
2)Dial-up modem users should watch the Windows Media Player Small version of the movies, while broadband users should feel free to watch the Windows Media Player Large version. I only recommend WMP because it’s installed by default on almost all Windows computers. Mac users will have a better time with the QuickTime versions.

Note: This material is NOT SUITABLE for persons under the age of 18

Maybe the boss will let me pass around a petition for our Department to enter the Office Linebacker Draft… Hmmm…