Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the “Critical Solutions for Homeland Defense and Information Assurance” , thanks to an invite from Joe Grajewski, President of . With over 45 big-name sponsors in the Information Technology industry, I gladly took the day off to attend.

When I registered I was asked what company I was representing. I wasn’t sponsored by my company so I simply responded with a shrug and told the lady I was representing myself, after which she asked for a business card. I promptly produced a flashy business card (courtesy of my inkjet printer), and spent the rest of the day strolling around with a nametag with “JK-” scrawled on it. I got some incredibly strange looks, let me tell you. At one point I walked past a group of booths and I heard one lady say to another, “What the heck is a ‘PlanetJK?'”

The whole conference was geared towards mass enterprise network security and how the government sector can apply new technology to keep personnel and data safe. It was definitely informative and interesting; unfortunately I was extremely out of place. Someday I’ll be able to represent a large IT company and have a multi-million dollar budget to throw around; until then I’ll be the guy with the hand-written nametag who gets funny looks from everyone (more than usual, that is) when I tell them “I represent myself.”