Cellphone Fiasco Update: for those of you considering Handspring products or Voicestream (now T-mobile) cellphone service… Don’t. Both companies acknowledge my predicament: in order to replace my defective phone, by their current rules I have to pay at least $200. Both companies agree I shouldn’t have to. Unfortunately, neither company has managed to actually do anything about it in the last two weeks. Wednesday I called and spoke to Ms. Pam Harmon at Handspring and explained to her that their special Corporate Customer Care (whom she promised me would call me within 72 hours) never called me. She promptly explained she would have to do some research and call me back to tell me why they never called me back; she even gave me her word. So, what did my gullable arse do? I got off the phone, with the satisfaction that a supervisor at a large company could surely manage to return a simple phone call. My mistake- I never heard from her.

The story goes on, and the details get worse. I’ll spare you, though- I won’t vent any more tonight. Suffice it to say that both Handspring and Voicestream have atrocious customer service, an amazing lack of respect for their customers, and unintelligent, immature employees (Promise the customer you’ll call, then play the “I’m not available to talk” game? C’mon!)