*Yawn* I was up until about 3 AM this morning, not bad eh? Actually 3 AM isn’t that late for me, since I currently work a 2PM-10PM shift. Anyway, I saw Bridget Jones’ Diary last night… I SWEAR there should be a new movie rating. G, PG, PG-13, R, and CF for Chick Flick. I had to mop the Velveeta off my entertainment center by the time I was done.

Now, I’ll admit… I’m actually a bit of a sap. I’ve been known to watch a few chick flicks (Shhhhh!) and not complain too much. And while I liked the few moments where Renee Zellweger actually had the balls to tell off her boss, the rest of the movie seemed a tad unrealistic.

All is well though, because after being subjected to all that estrogen radiating from Bridget Jones’ Diary I found Drop Zone (Wesley Snipes, Gary Busey) on the TV and stocked up on some testosterone. *whew*