Lack of Updates

I’ve once again let the blog updates drop to the bottom of my priority list. I’m not happy about it but the free time I get never seems to have “Write a blog article for PlanetJK” on my mental checklist. I’ll try to work on that.

Camping Trip in CO: 2015

I just got back this weekend from a camping trip in Colorado with my Dad, Stepmom, Aunt, and Uncle.  See below for photos, I haven’t had time to do captions yet.  I had a great time, the weather was pretty great, and the scenery was perfect. Photos:

Tips for shopping on Amazon

I’m finally getting around to adding my Mom on my Amazon Prime, and in lieu of an e-mail to her with some shopping tips I thought I’d turn it into a blog post. First tip: only shop for Amazon Prime items to save shipping.  Yes, some prices go up to offset the cost but overall…

Iceland and Germany: Day 5

Now that I’m back to my hotel and have washed the beer out of my camera case, I can finally make a blog post and upload some photos- it’s been that kind of night. Thankfully the camera and the memory cards weren’t harmed; ironically, it was posing for a group photo that resulted in the…

Iceland and Germany: Day 4

Day 4 consisted of a cab ride to the airport with two other mystery passengers and a driver that looked like he was about to rob a bank or on some really good amphetamines.  I think he was nervous that someone would bust his multi-passenger scheme, he had the meter off and charged us each…